A Good Nanny Is A Happy Family

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Here at forever Nannies we are dedicated to making sure that your nanny experience is a forever lasting one. To do so, we are offering A Good Nanny is a Happy Family class. This class helps you,the parent, understand how to have a wonderful relationship with your nanny.

In this class , we will discuss how to have a successful working environment . Here are some of the topics we will talk about and why they are important .

Show Appreciation: You know that feeling when you finish a hard project at work and your boss tells you what a magnificent job you did? We’ll, your nanny loves to hear the same thing. If she is working hard with your child and teaching them to count, say the alphabet, colors, shapes and how to feed themselves. Why not let them know how much you appreciate their hard effort. You want her to know that you noticed these things and you haven’t overlooked them. It makes her feel wanted and she won’t mind doing more.

Touch Base Often: Find a few minutes at the beginning of the day to check in ( you might warn the nanny that your little one didn’t sleep well last night) and at the end of the day your nanny can fill you in. On top of that, schedule regular meeting to discuss how things are going. It’s also a good idea to set up a chalkboard or notebook to pass messages to each other. Ask your nanny to jot down note about naps, meals, new behaviors, or anything else she wants you to know.

Making sure your nanny feels like they are part of the Family : I can’t stress this enough. You want your nanny to feel like Family , not a worker in your home. You should get to know her without prying to much into her personal life. You are going to have a up close and personal relationship with her. She is going to be in your home with your child for long periods of time. Please don’t ask her to do extra duties around the house. Unless you have an agreement or your willing to pay her extra for her time. She doesn’t want to feel like she’s being taking advantage of.

To learn more about our A Good Nanny is A Happy Family course please contact us to set up an one on one class with one of our counselors.